Raised for Local Nonprofits
3188 gifts
Totaling $379,848.84
Crawford Gives
Raised for Local Nonprofits
3188 gifts
Totaling $379,848.84
Raised for Local Nonprofits
3188 gifts
Totaling $379,848.84

Tamarack Wildlife Center

Specific Need

Be a hero to wildlife! Your donation does make a difference!


Crawford Gives Day is an incredible opportunity to give a gift that will go even farther for Tamarack Wildlife Center or another participating charity. Donations from supporters like you have allowed us to add an additional rehabilitator to our team and increase the number of wildlife patients receiving treatment! Already this year, 630 wildlife patients have been treated, and education programs have reached 5,000+ people.


Tamarack Wildlife Center treats animals from Crawford, Erie, Warren, McKean, Venango, Lawrence, Butler counties, and beyond and shares education programs as well. It's a massive area to cover with hundreds of animals to treat and education outreach to share!

To give you an idea of what your money goes towards, we have compiled a list of estimates for some of the animals we treat:


$25 Helps raise and release an orphaned Cottontail or Squirrel

$50 Helps treat and release an Eastern Screech Owl or American Kestrel

$100 Helps treat and release a Red-tailed Hawk or Barred Owl

$500-$1000+ Helps treat and release a Bald Eagle


Tamarack Wildlife Center's twin missions are to rehabilitate injured, sick and orphaned wildlife in order return them to the wild, and to provide education for all ages promoting appreciation and understanding of wildlife.


Tamarack Wildlife Center is a non-profit organization serving northwest Pennsylvania, licensed by state and federal governments to rehabilitate wildlife and conduct educational programs with our resident wildlife ambassadors. We specialize in birds of prey and care for other wildlife (including adult songbirds and other birds, mammals, reptiles, etc.) when we have the staffing, room, and funding to do so responsibly. 


TWC's main goals are:

  1. To provide care and medical treatment wildlife in need so that they can be released again into the wild with sufficient skills and health to survive. 

  2. To promote the best interests of wildlife and humans through public education.

Each year, Tamarack admits hundreds of wild patients in the hopes of seeing them released back to the wild. We rely on the generosity of volunteers and donors to keep our doors open. We receive no government funding. Tamarack provides education programming for all ages for public or private groups throughout our region. In the presentations, non-releasable live birds of prey and an ambassador opossum and turtle serve as models of physical and behavioral adaptations, natural selection, and human impact on species survival.


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21601 Stull Road
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Phone: (814) 763-2574

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