Crawford Gives 2020
08/10/20 - 08/11/20
Crawford Gives
Crawford Gives 2020
08/10/20 - 08/11/20
Crawford Gives 2020
08/10/20 - 08/11/20

Crawford County CASA, Inc.

Specific Need

As with other non-profits we have been greatly impacted by Covid-19 due to fundraisers being canceled which results in lost funding.  During this challenging time our CASA volunteers have maintained contact with their CASA children. They had virtual visits (face time), sent cards and letters as well as phone contact on a monthly basis. Starting in June, our volunteers resumed in person visits with safety measures in placed as long as the family and volunteers were comfortable in doing so.  Economic downturns, such as the one we are all experiencing right now, can cause added stress within the home. One of our great concerns is that children were not attending schools or day cares and mandated reporters such as teachers, childcare workers and coaches--no longer see these children and therefore are unable to identify any children who may be experiencing abuse or neglect. This can be a very critical time for some of our children as their only safe place was the school or day care. So today more than ever, it is important that the CASA volunteer still be that one constant person checking in and reporting any concerns.


As a volunteer-driven organization, CASA is one of the most efficient ways to improve the lives of children involved in the system. Our goal is to Change a Child’s Story by ensuring that children who have experienced abuse and neglect have support and a voice!


Our Mission

Crawford County CASA trains and provides quality volunteer advocates for children who are involved in juvenile court proceedings as a result of abuse and/or neglect. 

Our Vision
Crawford County CASA envisions that all abused and neglected children have a safe, permanent and nurturing home in the shortest time frame possible.


 In 1993. a group of foster parents felt that children in their care needed someone on their side. to speak up for thier needs and wishes. They attended a tconference where they learned about CASA and appoached former President Judge Gordon Miller about bringing CASA to Crawford County. Judge Miller agreed and the process started. In 1994, Crawford County CASA, held it's first volunteer training class and ever since we have provided advocacy for abused and neglected children. There is no other volunteer agency in our community like CASA! 


CASA advocates are highly trained, caring individuals who give their time and experience in providing advocacy for children involved in the Juvenile Court System. CASA is appointed by the Court to represent the best interest of children impacted by abuse and neglect throughout Crawford County. Children and Youth Service caseworkers have found it valuable to have a CASA volunteer appointed to a case as it is another set of eyes involved with a family. CASA volunteer  provide caseworkers with concerns and important information after visits with their child, or after talking with the family or other professionals, this has been reported as very helpful.   The length of time that a volunteer is assigned to a case varies depending on the child’s situation.


We advocate for children from birth to age 18, unless the child elects to stay involved with the child welfare system until the age of 21. We do monitor it on a case by case basis as some of the youth who have turned the age of 18, have a support sytem, plans of attending college and felt that CASA was no longer needed. Even after a childs case has closed within the court system and hence with CASA, the positive impact of CASA’s work continues as they can be a valuable member of a support system for that youth moving forward if it is their desire.



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Change her Story!
Change her Story!
You can be the Difference!
Or Change his Story
Or Change his Story


310 Chestnut St Ste 232
Meadville PA 16335
Phone: (814) 337-4471

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