Crawford Gives 2022
08/29/22 - 08/30/22
Crawford Gives
Crawford Gives 2022
08/29/22 - 08/30/22
Crawford Gives 2022
08/29/22 - 08/30/22

Common Roots

Goal: $10,000.00

Specific Need

This year, we're raising funds to hire our first full-time staff person.


Common Roots envisions healthy and empowered neighborhoods in our hometown of Meadville, PA. Our role in achieving that vision is to develop dignified, sustainable and attainable housing.


You've seen us on Facebook. So what's all that about?

Common Roots is a volunteer-driven group that strives to improve housing options in Meadville.

We're starting with the house on South Main. It's located right beside the Creating Landscapes for Families garden. Volunteers have put in more than 1,000 hours gutting the place, and now it's time to put it back together as four small apartments for low-income renters.

Your donation helps us pay for utility upgrades to make the apartments energy- and cost-efficient and the monthly costs of having a house, such as bills and taxes.

Follow our Crawford Gives 2022 journey on Facebook. Thank you for your generosity and interest in improving living conditions in Meadville.


311 Prospect Street
Meadville PA 16335
Phone: (651) 353-2586

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